There is hardly any city which would be more popular as a tourist spot than Barcelona. Thanks to the fantastic movies Eat, Drink, Pray and Vicky, Christina Barcelona, in the recent years this city has grown to become a real tourists and arts paradise. It’s also one of the hubs for contemporary arts,... Continue Reading →

New York - The Empire State

New York, which is the largest city of the United States, with its downtown area Manhattan being the very first futuristic looking skyscraper city in the world never sleeps and it’s full of things to do every day and every night. Contrary for its reputation, New York is one of the most beloved cities... Continue Reading →

Dubai - Gem in the middle east

These days when it comes to visiting any Middle Eastern cities, then Dubai is definitely among the top destinations to choose. There are many reasons for that. First of all it’s one of the very few places, where tourists can freely visit, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs, second of all, th... Continue Reading →